Lessons for all ages:

  • Banjo, beginner to advanced
  • Rhythm and flatpicking guitar
  • Basic bass and mandolin

I offer lessons for all ages and skill levels in my Holland, Michigan studio. Whether you are just beginning or your whole family wants to form a bluegrass band, I can help you develop as a musician. I teach solid musical fundamentals to enable you to play with confidence.

If you would like to schedule a lesson, give me a call at (616) 403-2224 or (616) 396-8901 or email lancereidsma@yahoo.com.

About Lance Reidsma

I have been playing banjo for nearly 50 years and teaching for over 35. I have played in many bluegrass gospel bands, and still play banjo with Set Free and Down Home in concerts throughout Michigan as well as on the regular television program, the Down Home Gospel Music Hour, on the TCT Network.

Learn a basic roll

Learn the forward roll